August 27: Jazzy Walk for Tango Lovers
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Welcome to Tango Seekers—those seeking the extraordinary experience of Argentine tango. This dance, begun almost a century and a half ago, is a now a popular art far beyond its homeland of Argentina. From Berlin to Capetown, Tokyo to Tucson, you can find Argentine tango being danced.

Among the reasons for the global spread of Argentine tango is that it offers those who deeply explore it new pathways to knowing oneself, to knowing others, and to becoming part of a community of dedicated dancers. Tango, like many things that are profoundly rewarding, does not come easily—even to innately talented dancers. Instead, it reveals itself slowly, so that one can continue over a lifetime to peel back layers, each with a new revelation or insight. As one Buenos Aires tango dancer, who was nearly 80, said. "Tango is life."

The Porteños, the residents of Buenos Aires, which is tango's Mecca, use the term tango to refer to many things—not just the dance—that require a complex relationship. This reference arises because Argentine tango is a lead and follow dance. The leader chooses the step where he wants to go, and the follower seamlessly goes with that step, choosing in her own way how to go. It is like call and response, with the lead and follow shaping each other—a subtle and silent body-to-body conversation that has few parallels. We therefore always regard the dance as a 50-50 proposition. Also, while typically men lead and women follow, today in the US women also lead and men also follow.

So come seek Argentine tango's magic! And learn for yourself why so many thousands of others have immersed themselves in tango.

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